Hi  KR,
Thank you for offering the Air Tea.  I am so grateful for this wonderful assistance. I have been enthralled with it for years and it is so uplifting. Right now, I am recovering from a severe case of asthmatic bronchitis and was inspired to make a pitcher full of Air Tea yesterday and added solar water and some honey.  It is so comforting to have a glass of Iced Air Tea every few hours.  I know it is helping my breathing.  I am grateful.
Aloha, K

Dear Kamailelauli'I,
I made a cup of tea with a pinch of Spring tea leaves a short while ago.  I am experiencing a lightness in my mood and relief from oppressive thought forms.
Thank you KR!

The results of the cleaning are always a treat.  I feel soooo different.  Things don?t matter like they used to. Soooo wonderful!  Much gratefulness.
LOVE & PEACE to you and your loved ones,


Dear KR,

The inventory Service is such a beautiful service. 

I have been using it for the last month with amazing results.

I send my concerns mentally at the end of my work day.

I have experienced such a "relief" of worries and feelings around situations.

So many of the things I send seem to disappear and I feel much lighter going into the evening or next day.

There is an "ease" going forward that feels new to me.

Thank you very much for this extraordinary service.



KR Land Testimonial

For me, applying Self-I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono is an invaluable tool to use when working with land.  What we learn with Ho'oponopono is that "Land" is a person---has an I-Dentity just like us.  It is conscious, has thoughts, feels emotions, experiences pain, suffering and abuse.  Often land is treating like chattel..something to be bought and sold by human beings.  The decision to affect land is often not a result of Divine Action, but rather human's will which is often guided by money, government, desire and just ignorance.  We learn with ho'oponopono that we are caretakers of the land and it's resources. We can clean so that we are open to inspiration of what is right and perfect.  Applying ho'oponopono is an ongoing process…a moment to moment action we can apply--to set right--to make amends--to be in the flow.

Land nourishes us, protects us, allows us life.  It is our biological mother.

Self-I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono is always about us…our selves….our life and how we live. As we set right--we change our selves, our families, and our land--mother earth.

PEACE always  KR

I loved working with Kamaile on the house I built. I sent her a copy of the blue print and we looked at it together while speaking over the internet.

As we worked she caught things that I hadn't noticed and we were able to make improvements to the design which made the house so much more fabulous. It was interesting, as we worked, it seems I was getting worked on. At one point I saw something that I had never seen before. I said, "Are you seeing that if I draw a line across there it would be an additional room?" She agreed and that became my beautiful office downstairs with a view of the creek coming at me.

I will never forget working with Kamaile on my house. The kitchen is so much more fabulous, really every room just works better.

I was able to see mistakes and take them out of the design instead of having regrets after they were already in place. From the way more then one person can move easily in the kitchen to not blocking the view with Deck designs, it was priceless. I look forward to working with her on my next house design.

I would recommend working with her on all aspects from the house placement on the property to the design of it.

If I were a builder I would include her consultation as part of every job I did.

Thank you KR, I will never forget the blessing of working on that with you.

I am so grateful for all the work Kamaile has done on my rental cottage in Hawaii over the years, it's such an interesting place. I don't live there full time but I notice when I am there and even when I am not I can experience the results of the cleaning…it seems that it has so many tools and the cleaning is going on nonstop. 

When I sleep there it's a bit like getting a consultation from Kamaile herself.

It's amazing and hard to explain my experience. I am just so grateful for all the work Kamaile has done on this cottage. I know Hawaii's lands are so sacred and it's important to have the right place and to be cleaning with a property.

Kamaile is able to care, clean on, and see things on the spiritual level... She worked so closely and learn from Morrnah Simeona... I don't know anyone but her and Dr. Hew Len who can provide this experience for me that I would trust to be done like Morrnah Simeona would have done it.

Thank you again for all you do in your work with the land and houses.